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The Association of Light Industry Enterprises is registered in Belarus

            The Association of Light Industry Enterprises is registered in Belarus, members of the Board and Directorate have been elected. The founders are representatives of large private business: companies «Marko», «Furnitur-BY», «Solo-Pinsk» and the IPM Business School. Hundreds of enterprises of the country can become potential members of the organization – not only large players, but also small businesses.

The main goal of the Association is to coordinate, represent and protect the common interests of member enterprises.

The realities of today show that the stay of light industry enterprises on their own in an open market is becoming more and more difficult. Business development can only be promoted by joining efforts of manufacturers.

The unification of enterprises in the Association will allow them to form a consolidated opinion, free from specific economic interests, which will influence decision-making in the field of light industry.

The Association is also necessary for the state as a partner in order to form and improve the regulatory framework for regulating relations in the industry, effectively and professionally solve existing problems, participate and influence the direction of state policy in the light industry.

The unification of light industry enterprises into a single self-regulatory organization will ensure both an increase in their presence in foreign markets and consolidation of positions in the domestic one.

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